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What you will find here:-

Information and products dealing with the fundamentals of healing and maintaining wellness.

Strong science backing up the information and effectiveness of the products.

Products I Endorse
And why I endorse them

I present here companies chosen after in-depth research and according to my criterion for ethics, mission and stability. The products are genuinely leading edge and the range is amazingly comprehensive. So much so that I recommend you study the Product Information on these companies before you visit the sites.

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Recommended Products

What is ASEA?
Redox Signaling Molecules

It is the only stable perfectly balanced mixture of reactive molecules that exist outside of the body. It increases the effectiveness of the body`s most important natural antioxidants by over 500%.

Products I take daily

ASEA - for cell health and communication and for athletic performance. Proargi9 for nitric oxide boost for heart and artery health and athletic performance, Neways Maximol for the full range of minerals needed daily. MAP before and after exercise for muscle development and repair. I take other antioxidant boosting juices etc and Vit. D3 in winter. The most important thing I do is consume an alkaline supporting diet. For more information see nutrition in Articles.

Wellness Consultantcy backed by Research
On a one-to-one basis

I have spent many years researching therapies that empower people and provide elements of self-help. Over time I have honed my interest into the ones I consider to best aid people in moving forward and finding strength within themselves.

In addition to the therapies I offer I can also test for a number of wellness markers.

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Related Information and/or Studies

Before I endorse anything I like to do some research. Being able to present a product or therapy that is to the best of my knowledge beneficial and offers positive results is important to me.

Here I share my own research with you:

My Belief

We are designed to have vibrant health, be in body/mind/spirit balance and live in harmony with others and the environment. I believe we can achieve this through optimum nutrition, body/mind/spirit integration therapies and ethical business practices.
My Passion

To contribute to creating a just world where key information on nutrition, therapies and products beneficial to health and the environment, will be freely available to the individuals and communities in need of it.
My Goal

To source the most cutting-edge wellness information, products and therapies in the world. To develop a successful business helping people to achieve optimum wellness.

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