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Who I am?
John Mac Dermott
Wellness Consultant, Sports Nutritionist and Master athlete.

I have a Science degree, have a diploma in Sports Nutrition and am a therapist in Emotional Freedom Therapy, Bio-energetic Healing and Live Blood Microscopy. I have a life time involved in Sport (competing, training and nutrition) and thirty years in Personal Development (individual and group coaching).

I have spent the last twenty years in intensive study of wellness, nutrition and supplements. I have competed as a masters athlete for the last 10 years. I have won many national and international awards.

In 2012 I won the UK 300M hurdles and got 2nd in the 400M. After taking up the decathlon last year I won the UK decathlon and again this year.In the European championships I got 3rd in the decathlon and 2nd in the 300M hurdles.

In the last 10 years, against all statistical trends, I have improved my times and performances. This is very unusual and I put it down to the wellness diet I have developed and followed and the most cutting edge supplements in the world.

I have an abundance of knowledge and help to share. Don't hesitate to ask.

My Belief

We are designed to have vibrant health, be in body/mind/spirit balance and live in harmony with others and the environment. I believe we can achieve this through optimum nutrition, body/mind/spirit integration therapies and ethical business practices.
My Passion

To contribute to creating a just world where key information on nutrition, therapies and products beneficial to health and the environment, will be freely available to the individuals and communities in need of it.
My Goal

To source the most cutting-edge wellness information, products and therapies in the world. To develop a successful business helping people to achieve optimum wellness.

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